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Here You can see Your Pub beers,
update information and get to know
Your customers. For access please
contact us at info@gagabeer.com
Let Your Customers Fully Enjoy Your beer Selection.
Turn Your TV into Beer List.



Set Up




Currently we have 5 different design themes ready for instant use. Our designated screen configuration platform allows us to make custom visual solutions instantly.

1. "Chalkboard List"
2. "Let There Be Football"
3. "Hiding Beer Logos"
4. "Chalkboard & Boxes"
5. "List, List, List"
  1. Add new beers to Your TV beer menu
  2. Set special prices, increase visibility
  3. Highlight 'new' beers at Your pub
  4. Set taps as unused while awaiting for beer
  5. Simply upgrade to more taps & prices
  6. Show info in 2 languages, for example English & Spanish
  7. Include info about beers city, country, flag, etc
  1. Install "GaGaBeer For Pubs" App
  2. Connect Chromecast to Your TV
  3. Choose design
  4. Add Your Beers on Tap list
  5. You are ready to start!

You can use GaGaBeer TV Beer List solution anywhere, where You have internet. For distances we support kilometers and miles. Currencies for prices can be named however You want, no problems to show EUR or €, or any other currency, including USD ($). Same goes with languages, almost all languages are supported on TV screen, but there could be some limitations on some fonts. Pleases send us Your language example, so that we can verify it.


"Light Lager" "American IPA" "Gose"

1 - 15 Taps

 Up to 2 TV's



16 - 30 Taps

Up to 2 TV's



1 - 50 Taps

Up to 5 TV's

Twitter integration

Facebook Beer List

29 EUR / month

49 EUR / month 69 EUR / month



For general purposes contact us at info@gagabeer.com

 Sometimes we share news on https://www.facebook.com/GaGaBeer/

When it comes to fast mentions, we use https://twitter.com/GagaBeerApp